Where did the concept for Siding Saver originate?

Siding Saver was conceived by a satellite dish installer who was becoming frustrated at the damage he was causing to siding while installing satellite dishes. After an intensive search for a bracket, to no avail, he designed one. Home owners were very responsive to our product to prevent damage to their siding and used our product, not only forsatellite dishes, but for all sorts of load bearing items that could cause damage to siding.

What is the most innovative use you have found for Siding Saver to date?

Probably the most innovative use for Siding Saver to date was its application in attaching decks to homes. We witnessed professional builders attach Siding Savers at 32 inch intervals to a sided surface using set screws and attaching the main support for the deck with lag bolts in minutes compared to the hours of preparation normally required. There is no requirement to cut or flash siding using Siding Saver. Deck installers have been proclaiming the additional advantages of drastically reducing ledger board rot as a result of the space created between the ledger board and the existing siding which prevents water pooling and rotting the ledger board. The space also reduces insect infestation by permitting home owners to clear dirt, debris and nests from between ledger boards and siding using a pressure washer or garden hose. Because the integrity of the siding is virtually uncompromised, insects do not have ready access routes via wooden surfaces to the homes interior.

Why is Siding Saver made from Makrolon® polycarbonate and why don't you use something cheaper to manufacture Siding Saver?

Makrolon® can be transparent or opaque, is resistant to impact and weathering, and withstands high and low temperatures. Additionally we required the polycarbonate to be UV resistant which we knew would substantially extend its performance. We wanted a transparent yet paintable polycarbonate to either blend with exisitng siding or permit the customer to colour to their taste. Makrolon® is used in the construction of riot shields and safety masks so we felt it would more than adequately fill our needs. One of our sales agents often makes believers out of clients by asking them to jump on a Siding Saver in an attempt to break it. No reports of damage to date. We like to refer to it as " the versatility of plastic with the strength of steel.

Why do I see similar products offered in only one size while you are offering three different sizes?

We distributed an 8 inch sample of our product throughout Canada and the US to seek distributors while we had a patent pending. Ironically, 7 to 8 inch brackets began surfacing on the web. Our lawyers are currently in possession of some of these brackets and they are being assessed for patent infingement. We would caution against purchasing brackets similar to our design if you are not being asked your siding measurements. You could actually cause damage to your siding with improperly sized brackets similar to our design, if they do not fit properly.