Siding and Sizes
Siding Saver Bracket

Double 4" or Single 8" Siding

8" Siding Saver


UPC Code: 854787001039

Siding Saver Bracket

Dutch Lab Siding

9" Siding Saver


UPC Code: 854787001046

Siding Saver Bracket

Double 5" or Single 10" Siding

10" Siding Saver


UPC Code: 854787001053

Mounting Instructions

Check you have purchased the correct size Siding Saver for your siding (view guide above). Use existing hardware for the item you are mounting to penetrate the Siding Saver and attach to the secure surface below the siding. If the item you are mounting is light and the mounting hardware does not extend far enough to mount securely, mount the item to the Siding Saver and use additional hardware (not supplied) to attach the Siding Saver. When attaching load-bearing items such as satellite dishes and deck planking, use appropriate length lag bolts and whenever possible penetrate headers, sills or studs to ensure a secure mount. Ensure solid backing when using on R2000 or equivalent homes.

Painting Instructions

If a different colour bracket is desired, it is recommended that Krylon Fusion spray be used for the best results.


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